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We all look at the world through our own, unique lens. This view defines how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.  

When you begin to realize that you are not your thoughts... you will gain the ability to open up to new possibilities.  You will begin to embrace new ideas, new concepts - as you learn to control your thoughts, rather than letting your thoughts control you

We all deserve happiness....Let's find yours!


I provide a non-judgmental and safe space. 

My technique is solution-focused and geared toward conflict resolution using a time-sensitive, constructive approach. 

Whether your intention is to 'hit the reset button' - or find the most respectful approach to parting ways, we will strengthen your ability to identify & articulate your needs & wants in a positive, productive & healing way.  


'Family' is an ever-changing system where each member plays an important part. In our sessions, we will identify the transitional time your family is in. We will highlight the strengths in your system, and revise the patterns of communication & interaction that no longer serve your needs.  

We will magnify the hope, love and understanding that you all deserve, as we eliminate barriers to growth.


Contrary to popular belief, divorce and/or blending families is an opportunity: A chance to learn about growth and healing, forgiveness and kindness. 

Although over half of children & adults will experience divorce, there still remains an undeniable stigmatization that persists with divorce. Families experiencing this intensely difficult time can feel anxious, confused, alone, resentful. Yet where does a family turn for much-needed healthy support & honest answers? 

This crucial family transition doesn't have to be as painful - or hurtful - as you may think.  We will discover & define the unique nature of your family. From there, we will explore coping strategies to promote space for each family member to accept - then allow - the families' inevitably changing dynamic.  

Yes, divorce signifies an ending.  However, it should also signify a beginning - for all of you. You need to feel heard & validated. Then the healing starts.


Addiction is  recognized by the American Medical Association, as well as the American Psychological Association. It is now called Substance Use Disorder, hence can be defined as a disorder of the body & the mind. A condition that you - nor your family  - chose to have.

We will explore the root cause of your substance use disorder, to uncover all aspects of your addiction. From there, we will arm you with the resources needed in order to gain, and maintain, a solid long-term recovery.

Family Therapy: It is said that addiction is a family dis-ease. You and your family will be educated about addiction on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. One of the most powerful things family members can do this very moment, is to memorize this mantra: "I didn't CREATE this disorder. I can't CONTROL this disorder. I can't CURE this disorder." Yet your family CAN find relief through therapy - and maximizing the most important ingredient - love.